Company Introduction
are sold in 100 countries on 5 continents;
are used in all branches of industry, agriculture, transporation and marine/river vessels;
have more than 600 lubricants in portfolio;
are approved by over 600 of the world'sleading OEM LUKOIL is the leader of the Russian lubricants market. The Company controls the production of more than 40% of all lubricants in Russia. LUKOIL sells its oils in more than 100 countries, and its production involves 9 own and 24 third-party plants, located on 5 continents.

A wide range of high-tech LUKOIL lubricants and greases is approved by the world's leading automotive and equipment manufacturers, including MAN, Porsche, Cummins, Renault, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Danieli, Voith, ABB, etc.

LUKOIL has achieved great success as a supplier of first fill and service fill oils for car manufacturers. The largest domestic and foreign producers in Russia, such as MAN, Ford, Renault, Volkswagen, Lifan, KAMAZ, GAZ and others, choose LUKOIL lubricants for the first fill.

Subsidiaries produce the following groups of lubricants:

- Passenger Vehicle Lubricants (PVL) - motor and transmission oils;
- Commercial Vehicle Lubricants (CVL) - motor and transmission oils for trucks, buses, agricultural and other special equipment ;
- Industrial oils-for various industries (hydraulic, gear, turbine, compressor, transformer oils, etc.);
- Marine oils - for diesel engines of marine and river vessels;
- Greases - for key industry and transport sectors , as well as for consumer use;
- Metalworking fluids;
- Additives for automotive, industrial and marine oils;
- Group I-III base oils

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Motor oil
Transmission oil
Industrial Lubricants
$285.00 - $323.00/Unit
20 Units(Min. Order)
$285.00 - $323.00/Unit
20 Units(Min. Order)
$282.00 - $313.00/Unit
36 Units(Min. Order)